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Document vs information design

Karen Shriver (1997): document design is ‘a field concerned with creating texts (broadly defined) that integrate words and pictures in ways that help people to achieve their specific goals for using texts at home, school, or work.

Saul Carliner (2000): document design focuses on providing readers with physical markers that help them find content of interest and with the general appearance of information so it is both pleasing and usable.

Saul Carliner (2006): information design takes a broader perspective, focusing on the meaning-making of text.

… information design differs from document design in that information design addresses the issue of whether readers can understand a text, not merely that they can find information in it.

pages 2-3 of  Carliner, S., Verkens, J. P., & Waele, C. d. (2006). Information and document design: Varieties on recent research. University of Tilburg): J. Benjamins.


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