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Letterpress cards (check) job hunting (check) good jobs around (no)

As mentioned previously I have been letterpress printing (or rather embossing) my own business cards. I produced them an the Albion Press at the University of Reading using no ink, no electricity, and with offcut paper. A truly environmentally friendly job.

People seem to love them when I hand them out, but unfortunately there just doesn’t seem to be many jobs around in the sustainable/social-design/info design world. I have loads of experience, but only want to work for a company with rock-solid ethics. Why are they so hard to find?

You can view a slightly larger image of this here on my portfolio site.

business card


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On the hunt, for a job

Have now completed my MA Information Design and am on the lookout for a job. Not just any job, I am very picky. I would like to work for an agency that specialises in non-profit and public work. I do not want to work for a company that pretends to be eco-conscious whilst all the employees still sip their soy lattes from foam cups. I want to work for a company that lives and breathes the ethics they have emblazoned on their website.

I would particularly like to work somewhere that I can be inspired on a daily basis by super smart people who are not designers. I would like to work directly with policy makers and influencers, people who make a serious difference.

I have my eye on a few companies in London, but until my portfolio site is up and I have letterpressed my business cards, I have to keep mum about their names.

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