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Head in The Cloud

Although I applaud the creators for their innovative concept for The Cloud, I have to agree with the ever-sensible Rob Hopkins of the Transition Town movement who says that what the project amounts to is:

“taking a bunch of carbon intensive materials, assembling them in a carbon intensive way, to create an unnecessary structure that people will fly to come and see, and which will be used to advertise more unnecessary carbon intensive stuff that they don’t need and that the planet can’t afford”.

Better, as Hopkins says on his blog, to put the millions of pounds it will cost into schemes that will create a clean energy legacy for the city of London. Boris, are you listening?


Image via the BBC

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Olympic icons

For a year before the Sydney 2000 Olympics I was the lead designer on the Olympics newspaper project for John Fairfax Publications. I designed templates, worked out all the fine details of the type, and liaised with all the senior editorial staff to make sure it all happened on time. This was when I worked for de Luxe & Associates.

One of the parts of the job that I enjoyed the most was commissioning and art directing the icon set. I decided early on that the official Sydney 2000 Olympic icons were not appropriate for the design I was intending for Fairfax. Simon Harris was the illustrator and he did a smashing job. If you would like to see some of the pages from the newspaper, head over to my folio site.


This is just to weigh in on the blog wave of this week – that the London 2012 Olympic icons have been released. You can read a post at We Made This all about them. They have been designed by design company Someone. I prefer the outlined “dynamic” ones to the silhouette ones. What about you?

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