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an information and communication designer living in London

Research found

A quick search on the authors suggested to me by Rob Waller has uncovered the following (most I cannot locate electronically):

Factors in the Design of Experimental Graphic Displays William A. Kealy

Component skill comparisons across reading level and processing demand James M. Fletcher in the Reading Psychology journal

Display and Interaction Features of Instructional Texts and Computers Duchastel, P
Discusses whether techniques found useful in text design can be transposed to the display of computer-assisted learning (CAL) materials. Highlights include differences in interaction between books and computers; problems in learning from books; text displays; computer displays; and possible future developments.

The Use of Summaries in Studying Texts Duchastel, P
Presents a scheme for comparing the text-learning outcomes derivable from study of either text or a summary of the text and considers some practical study strategies students might adopt when summaries are available and when they are not. The value of summaries in instructional situations is discussed.

Evaluating a Text for a Special Education Technology Course Wissick, Cheryl (2002)

Using Assistive Technologies to Ameliorate Reading Difficulties (2007)

The Development of Accessibility Practices in E-Learning: An Exploration of Communities of Practice Seale, Jane (2004)

New Directions in Research: The Role of Instructional Design in Assistive Technology Research and Development Boone, Randall; Higgins, Kyle (2007)

Assistive Technology as a Self-Management Tool for Prompting Students with Intellectual Disabilities to Initiate and Complete Daily Tasks: A Literature Review Mechling, Linda C.  (2007)

Project LITERACY-HI: Hypermedia for Readers with Hearing Impairments. Horney, Mark (1995)

Evidenced Based Practices that Promote Transition to Postsecondary Education: Listening to a Decade of Expert Voices Webb, Kristine W.;  Patterson, Karen B.;  Syverud, Susan M.;  Seabrooks-Blackmore, Janice J. (2008)

Learning with Technology. 1998 ASCD Yearbook. Dede, Chris, Ed. (1998)

Special Education Technology Addressing Diversity: A Synthesis of the Literature Jeffs, Tara; Morrison, William F. (2005)


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