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Information Literacy

From Pettersson, R. (2002). Information design: An introduction. Amsterdam.

Doyle (1994) defined information literacy as “the ability to access, evaluate, and use information from a variety of sources”. She created a list of characteristics of an information literate person. An information literate person has information competence, and accesses, evaluates and uses information in a qualified way. An information literate person:

  • Reconizes that accurate and complete information is the basis for intelligent decision making
  • Recognizes the need for information
  • Formulates questions based on information needs
  • Identifies potential sources of information
  • Developes successful search strategies
  • Accesses sources of information including computer-based and other technologies
  • Is a competent reader, evaluates information, and determines accuracy and relevance
  • Recognizes point of view and opinion versus factual knowledge
  • Rejects inaccurate and misleading information
  • Organizes information for practical application
  • Integrates new information into an existing body of knowledge
  • Uses information in critical thinking and problem solving

From Information literacy in an information society: a concept for the information age
By Christina S. Doyle, ERIC Clearinghouse on Information & Technology
Published by DIANE Publishing, 1994
ISBN 0937597384, 9780937597385

See also the Information Literacy Website (UK),


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  1. Carmon Thomas says:

    I am surprised, even though I really know I shouldn’t be. Your list of characteristics resemble what we, in the US, call our NETS. Thanks for your post, I’m in my first semester of Library and Info Science and it helped.

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