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Mapping the Energy Usage Distribution in New Zealand

As one of the very few examples of government organizations being interested in involving the general public in data, the aim of Energy in NZ [] was to map energy usage data within New Zealand in a simple, engaging and interactive way. The data was gathered with the help of the National Energy Research Institute of New Zealand, and based on a “database of figures and a poorly plotted, very very confusing graph of flows”.

The graphs show how energy is sourced, transformed and used within New Zealand. The 4 top bars show how energy is used by different sectors of society. The middle bar highlights the amount of each type of energy that is available for use. Finally, the bottom bar represents the energy sourced in or imported into the country. A future visualization project will map the power generation and pathways to consumers within New Zealand based on their location.

See also Interactive Sankey Diagrams (about the waste of energy in US).




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