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Visual Perception reading list

From a seminar in visual communication by Professor Sandra Moriarty at the University of Colorado LINK

Some articles:

  • Abduction article: A Theory of Visual Interpretation
  • Visual Communication as a Primary System
  • VisCom Theory Survey: A Search for Roots
  • A Conceputal Map article
  • Mapping the Field paper
  • Representation: A Philosophical Discussion
  • Visemics: A Proposal for a Marriage Between Semiotics and Visual Communication
  • Visual Semiotics and the Production of Meaning in Advertising
  • Visual Cues: An Interpretive Study in Advertising
  • Gulf War: An Antiseptic War? A Study of Images from the Persian Gulf
  • Cultural Palettes: A Review of Research
  • 88 Election: Newsmagazine Visuals and the 1988 Presidential Election
  • 92 Election: Newsmagazine Visuals and the 1992 Presidential Election

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