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an information and communication designer living in London

The Information Program

The Information Program has two aims. First, to enhance the ability to access, exchange, and produce knowledge and information for key open society constituencies and disadvantaged groups, especially in the poorer parts of the world.  Second, to use new tools and techniques to empower civil society as a force for open society in national, regional and global arenas.

These aims translate into projects in three focal areas, each with its own subset of initiatives:

Access to Knowledge

  • Intellectual Property Reform & Open Knowledge
  • EIFL Consortium
  • Open Access Initiative
  • East-East/South-South Translation Support

Civil Society Communication

  • Capacity for Civil Society Communication
  • Software Tools for Open Society

Open Information Policy

  • Affordable Communications Access
  • Free Expression on the Internet

Because the ability to access, exchange, and produce information is integral to most of the work OSI does through its foundations and network initiatives, a cross-cutting aim of the program is to drive experimentation and stimulate innovation across the Soros Foundations network and beyond.  Initiatives in areas such as public health, anti-corruption, education, or human rights and justice are undertaken in close partnership with other OSI programs and local Soros foundations.

The Information Program is not solely an information technology program. The mission of the program is social. Technology is an important tool for achieving this mission, but not the only one; the program uses the most appropriate combination of new and traditional media, as well as policy advocacy, training and institution-building, to pursue its goals.

The program’s staff are based in London, Budapest, and New York.


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